Here Studio California

I discovered Rachel's shop on Instagram during one of my vintage deep dives and have been addicted to her page ever since. Her covetable collection and impeccable styling are both unique yet incredibly wearable and relatable. The mix of color, texture, era and perfect usage of vintage props really make her style and curation quite distinguishable and just freaking COOL. She also looks amazing in all of it and I just want to wear everything she posts. We are so lucky to have some of her incredible pieces available on the site and we hope you've had a chance to shop her collection! Read more about Here Studio:

LS: Tell us a little bit about you and Here Studio

HS: I've been selling vintage for 16 years and started by own business 2.5 years ago. Here Studio is a small showroom and online store for now, focusing on collections of wearable vintage dresses and separates, things to wear over and over again, as well as special occasion/ lifetime pieces. 

LS: What's your favorite era? 

HS: 40s! Cold rayon novelty prints and perfectly tailored trousers are all I want to wear

LS: Any good sourcing stories?!

HS: I helped Kim Gordon clear our her closet and storage, digging through boxes of old X-Girl stuff and her Sonic Youth stage wear was really cool.

LS: Do you have a holy grail piece that you own or lust after? 

HS: I'm bad at this because I don't keep anything, even if I think it's "the one" or look for it forever. I won't wear anything I feel too precious about and don't like to own things I don't wear. I think my grail pieces would be jewelry because I keep all of my jewelry, always waiting for a Zuni toon squash blossom necklace and the perfect early 1900s rectangular onyx "date ring" with a diamond. 

LS: Advice for buying vintage for any newbies or any tricks or tips?

HS: Measure a top, jacket and pair of pants that fit you perfectly and ise these measurements to compare with pieces you want to buy to ensure a good fit. (Also), Buy for your personal taste and not trends!